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  • Our Projects

    Sinchan Rural Libraries

    We are setting up libraries in rural schools with prior commitment of teachers and staff there. Thee libraries are managed by the students themselves under the supervision of teachers.

    The cost of one library with 70 books is Rs. 3,000.

    Many people have sponsored these libraries as a tribute to their loved ones

    Learning by Doing

    We are setting up Science labs and providing English & Math kits so that the kids can learn in a fun way, and experience the lessons by doing themselves.

    We also aim to digitize the classes to improve learning experience and level of exposure.

    Sports and Fun

    We are providing sports and games kits to encourage kids come school by infusing a fun element in their daily routine.

    Sponsor Education

    Under this program, deserving kids get their higher education (till 12th standard) sponsored. 

    As a mentor you can also guide the student and provide for his/ her educational needs directly. We also facilitate this process after receiving donation from you. 

    Though we are not giving any monetary support, instead we buy and provide stationary and books, deposit school fees etc.

    World beyond Village

    In this project we aim to conduct online talks, sessions, workshops etc. with professionals.

    Kids will get an exposure of the outside world, and learn things which they want to.

    Awareness Campaigns

    We conduct  awareness campaigns based on health, hygiene and cleanliness in the villages of our associated schools.

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